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What better way to start a journey (hoping my tryst lasts long enough to become one though!) than to talk about the magic of cinema and the icons it creates!

I am back from a three day trip to Chennai where Shivaji fever has gripped the city far and beyond. Living in the southern part of India for almost three years now, made me realise that the silver screen figures here are second to or rather equal to the innumerable Gods we worship. I have witnessed the IT capital of India being paralysed due to the “natural” death of Rajkumar. And now, since the last couple of days all I see while browsing the Indian news channels is Rajnikant, and his recent release-Shivaji statistics!

This 58 year old superstar, who charged a “two digit” crore figure for this movie was humble enough to call himself just a King and declares Amitabh Bachchan the Emperor of the Indian film industry! However, he is none less than any emperor down south. How else can you explain the month long advance bookings for his new release and the tickets being sold for as high as Rs.1500 in black-if one goes by the rumors!


Not many celebrities come out to greet their innumerable fans from all walks of life over the world (the world wide release of this movie include Japan!) in their unkempt half bald look, while posing as a demi God on screen! Apparently, this celluloid icon is able to reach and rule the hearts of the masses across the remotest villages of – though not limited to – Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh (yes, Shivaji is also dubbed in Telegu) because of this down to earth approach.


I simply gaped at the adulation and the fan following left me with a feeling of awe while my feet sank in the sand to welcome the waves at the Beasant Nagar beach.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Shivaji!!!


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