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Procrastinating is thy name, is what my mother fondly says quite too often. Ok, at times not so fondly but I have no other choice than to agree with her on this one. Though my agreement has never been vocal!

The idea of putting words to thoughts which often are coffee table discussions was long due and remained in my ‘to do list’ forever. And again, last week over another cup of coffee in the office cafeteria Priya prompted me to do something, something which I enjoy doing, and her choices ranged from painting to gym-ing to blogging! No, I won’t be poetic here to declare her as my inspiration and for all I know she will flip if I do the same as well! Nevertheless, this chat stayed with me long enough to open a wordpress account and key in these few words.

I have been an avid blog reader for long, though an anonymous one because I don’t leave comments in blogspace. As a tit for tat gesture, I should also expect the same :-).

I shall however end my ‘opening post’ on an optimistic note of hoping to see you in one of my pages soon.

Let the blog roll then….


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